English Program on Intelligent Information Processing

Graduate School of IST, the University of Tokyo

This page is for management of student's own registration to English Program on Intelligent Information Processing, IST, UTokyo.

1. New registration

If you wish to join "English Program on Intelligent Information Processing", please register from this page.
Students entering via speciall admission will automatically join the program, but it is very helpful if they register by themselves from this page.

See your student ID card:
Student ID (8 digits with a hyphen) is printed larger.
Permanent ID (10 digits) is printed small at the bottom (maybe there are more digits, but remove initial zeros and use the last 10 digits).

ALL INPUTS must be ASCII characters!
Following symbols are NG: ampersand(&), equal(=), comma(,), semicolon(;), quotations(',",`), percent(%).
Following symbols are OK: digits, upper and lower case alphabets, at-mark(@), period(.), underscore(_).

Thank you for your cooperation!

ItemInput your dataExample
Student ID (8 digits, without hyphen) 48123456
Permanent ID (10 digits) 9876543210
Family name Yamada
First (given) name Taro
Middle name (if any)
Email address 1 (must) taro1234@dpt.ist.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Email address 1 (same one again) taro1234@dpt.ist.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Email address 2 (recommended) taro1234@some.service.jp
Email address 2 (same one again) taro1234@some.service.jp
Email address 3 (if any) taro1234@mobile.phone
Email address 3 (same one again) taro1234@mobile.phone
Nationality and Visa Non-Japanese, Student Visa
Current course Master's course
Year of master/doctor course enrollment 2019
Month of master/doctor course enrollment September or October
Graduate school Must be IST
Department Computer Science

2. Modification of registered information

In preparation...

Tentatively, if you need to modify your data, please send an email to ICIST.

3. International Activity Point

International Activity Point is a quantitative evidence of international activities of Japanese students.

Format to get signature by ICIST/OIR staff: Format(pdf)
Please fill the format, print it, bring it to the activity, and get signature by a staff of ICIST/OIR.

Following is a list of past or upcoming events which are recognized as "international activities".
Date Event
July 5th (Fri), 2019International Student's Summer Party

4. Requesting Certificate

In preparation...

Tentatively, please ask via email to ICIST.

5. Quit Program

We do NOT provide online method to quit the program.
Please make a direct contact via email to ICIST.

About private information

All information is gathered by staff members of the University.
The information shall only be used for English Program on Intelligent Information Processing.
The information shall only be used by relevant departments and committees of the University.
The information shall be kept in strict protection with due consideration to the protection of personal information and privacy of students.

Contact information / Questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to mail us!

Also in case you get message like 'Server Internal Error', please inform us what you have input and what you have obtained (screenshots are very useful).

International Center for IST (ICIST): icist-adm@i.u-tokyo.ac.jp